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About Border

Border is a fast child of Baltic unsupported bikepacking challenge called "Hydra" and is the second event of "Epas" kind. The route was born from tourism route, that we as riders started using from 2008 and were fascinated in, wanted to show and share this route with other gravel lovers. The idea is to use the gravel roads when they are in the best condition - autumn, when they are a bit wet, but solid.

The remote border roads have low traffic, lots of fauna, are highly forested, unusually hilly compared to other Lithuania's parts, meets Baltic seaside in the west...

The route

The full route is around 1700 km with 8,5 kms of ascent. The short distance from Palanga to Zarasai is 600 km in total.

Riders do have to tackle with various conditions while progressing the track.

Seaside is mostly marked by cycle paths, although gravel is waiting there too.

Seaside to Zarasai are mostly straight wide gravel and asphalt roads with Naujoji Akmenė, Žagarė and Biržai cities in between. 

It starts being really hilly in the Highlands near Zarasai and gets tricky in Dieveniškės appendix. It's more technical there as well.

The track is quite dependant on rain conditions on the east side. If it's rainy - it will be slippery and hard rolling with a lot of resistance. 

Comes flat and sandy in South, when approaching Marcinkonys and the second checkpoint - Druskininkai city. 

From Druskininkai to seaside it can get wind-challenging so beware of weather conditions. Gravel and asphalt will vary there with few exceptions.

Vištytis lake to Kuršių sea is following Kaliningrad district (Russia) border - rivers Šešupė and Nemunas. Long straight gravel parts will be changed by border patrol dirt roads.

The end of border with Russia will be marked by visiting Šilutė city.

Afterwards riders will enter a long straight single track near Wilhelm canal and reach Klaipėda - third biggest Lithuania's city.  

Track does change a lot during ride, riders will see very different views while progressing and will be amazed be the wildness Border offers.

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